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Small Roots, Big Business

Our Mission

 In a market that is changing so rapidly, we developed Digital Marketing program to build deep understanding of current and futuristic global digital marketing Strategies, trends and deliver ideas and insightful resources to make small businesses more successful and give you the chance to uncover the secrets of Digital Marketing leadership. Our experienced team brings digital ideas to life with beautifully executed, creative design, eCommerce, mobile & responsive website design, Celebrity promotional campaigns, etc.

• Make your business stand out and bring in results and ROI.

• We make visitors on your website become long time customers.

• We provide all marketing materials you need to be successful and professional.

• Provide a wide range of solutions to help make your small business more


"Our ultimate goal is to make small businesses more successful in this digital age and help them understand there customers and keep them coming back. While also making them money at the same time." - Wil Rivera


Wil Rivera

Valeri Nani

Senior Art Director and owner, I have B.A. from Rutgers University in New Brunswick. I also have a mini MBA from Rutgers for Digital Marketing. I have worked for over 10 years in the print, web, online marketing and eCommerce.  I am in charge of all development and execution of marketing strategies, web development, eCommerce, print Ad's, SEO, PPC campaigns for all of our clients.

Senior Designer, HTML specialist,  magazine editor, layout specialist. Responsible for the design and development of all print and web design materials, sales / promotional materials and all web maintenance and updates for Contemporary Bride.